Aderra understands the need to be able to offer ‘a complete package’ of related or complimentary products in order to satisfy modern day consumer demand. Combined with your branded USB, customised dashboard and targeted content, the additional services that Aderra offer provide the perfect opportunity for a promotional campaign to be executed as a complete experience of your brand.

Mobile Apps

Aderra has developed bespoke applications for the iPhone and Android platforms. We work with you to create viral elements that will get your app noticed, disseminated and in front of new consumers and audiences. Don’t miss the opportunity to identify, interact with, and reward your target market.

We will develop an app for you that:

  • Engages with and targets your ideal mobile consumer
  • Offers a hyper-targeted marketing and distribution opportunity
  • Generates a new source of revenue
  • Is of premium quality and quick to market
  • Is highly customizable and instantly scalable


Branded merchandise is very much in demand, regardless of market sector.

Aderra will help you deliver your merchandise through established retail, merchandising and online retail solutions. This also opens up additional opportunities – bundle your branded USB with a T-shirt and other merchandise and pre-sell with an event ticket sale for example.

  • Customised merchandise become ‘must have’ products
  • Delivery through established retail, merchandising and online stores
  • Combine your branded USB with other products and pre-sell with tickets
  • Aderra merchandise has achieved sales penetration as high as 24% of total audience.

Aderra crafted a nifty USB product to go with our Ronnie Scott's membership pack - this included developing a sleek dashboard interface our members have been impressed that we've moved into the 21st century!

Nick Lewis - Ops Manager, Ronnie Scott's