Aderra is working towards a greener world by giving customers the chance to deliver content in an environmentally friendly way by eliminating the need for printing paper brochures, catalogues, CDs, and other unnecessary packaging.

At a typical live event Aderra uses approximately 0.20 kilowatts of electricity. Aderra is also buying carbon offsets through the National Forest Foundation to cover our onsite electric use, office power use as well as air travel.

Our USBs are RoHS compliant and we carry out regular social audits with all of our suppliers.

In most cases, and unlike conventional CDs and DVDs, we do not use packaging of any kind as the product is its own package.

In the event that a retail ready package is required we can produce blister packs made from PLA, a biodegradable corn based polymer.
For outdoor events we can and have, powered our equipment via a solar power pack such as