In this fast-moving multimedia age, it is imperative to reach your target audience, and also maximise and retain their engagement. By delivering your branded content and message using a tool that has the capability for on-going interaction, you have the opportunity to generate new revenue as well as build consumer loyalty.

Aderra creates interactive promotions delivered on a customised USB that entertain, engage and educate, connecting consumers with your brand through premium content and ongoing communication.

Mix of Live and Preloaded

It’s not just about recorded content; it’s interactive digital media.

  • Interactive content creates more touch points with your target audience, encourages loyalty and increases revenue
  • Additional revenue streams can be created from interactive content
  • Maximise the potential of your interactive digital media

Dashboard Design and Creation

Aderra’s custom-designed interactive dashboards create an environment that makes content navigation and discovery simple and intuitive; creating traction with your consumer.

  • Specialists in interactive dashboards backed by Aderra’s Content Management System (CMS)
  • Content seamlessly integrated into dashboard
  • Interactive elements embedded in the design
  • Streaming, downloading, RSS, apps, and services all in one place

Content Management System

Aderra’s Content Management System gives you the ability to push new content to a USB every time a users’ device is online. This enables you to regularly deliver fresh and relevant messages to your target market, extending the engagement and activity of your consumer.

By delivering exclusive content to your target audience (video interviews, samples of new releases or products, pricing, archive footage, images etc.) you can reward consumers for their loyalty and maintain that connection with them.

  • Allows you to control and manage your campaign
  • Deliver new and relevant messages to your target market
  • Consumers stay connected to get new or exclusive content
  • Extends the lifespan of a promotion and maintains engagement
  • Innovative and forward thinking
  • Integrate social network applications

Live Streaming

Aderra can now offer live streaming technology, which means that the opportunities for retaining consumer attention and maximising new revenue stream opportunities are vast. Once your target audience have your branded USB, you have numerous opportunities to engage with them remotely and retain their interest in your brand or product with your very latest content.

  • Retain and extend consumer attention
  • Encourage consumer loyalty
  • Maximise new revenue streams
  • Engage regularly with your target audience
  • Offer exclusive content as a reward for loyalty

Social Networking

By embedding feeds from Twitter, facebook, flickr and other social networking sites into your customised dashboard and promotion strategy, you will create real conversations, as well as fuel and drive consumer activity to your brand.

  • Embed Twitter, facebook and flickr feeds in your customised dashboard
  • Create real conversations around your brand
  • Fuel and drive consumer activity

Performance Metrics

  • Measure the frequency of activity through your online report generator
  • Monitor consumer behaviour and content uptake
  • Determine and analyse the effectiveness of promotions
  • Capture user data and communicate through targeted messaging