Every live experience is unique, whether it’s a concert, a conference, or a live show of any kind. By recording an event in real time and duplicating thousands of copies in minutes, Aderra’s internationally patented technology captures the event for audiences to replay and relive in their own time.

By combining live and preloaded content with a uniquely customised USB, your consumer or audience will take your complete brand experience away with them.

Live Only

Aderra provides a platform for musicians, event organisers, and venues to generate revenue. Live events are recorded straight onto USB’s that the audience take home with them.

  • Record live events for audiences to take away
  • Fast duplication produces thousands of copies in minutes
  • Customised USB’s deliver your complete brand experience
  • Not just for music, for any live event
  • Both Audio and HD Video

Mix of Live and Preloaded

Preloaded content delivers your message directly to consumers. When this is combined with a live recording, you can reach your target audience with a complete brand experience, which they will take away with them on a customised USB.

  • Link to online retail stores to generate more sales
  • Combining live and preloaded content creates more touch points with your target audience, encourages loyalty and increases revenue
  • Deliver your content on a unique and branded USB
  • Ability to connect with consumers, offering additional content through downloads

Dashboard Design and Creation

Aderra specialise in creating custom-designed dashboard platforms in which your content (whether it is live, preloaded, or a combination of both) is seamlessly integrated. The aim of the dashboard design is to create a dynamic environment that makes content navigation and discovery simple and intuitive, whilst retaining the integrity of your brand. We deliver your complete brand experience to your target market.

  • Specialists in interactive dashboards backed by Aderra’s Content Management System (CMS)
  • Content seamlessly integrated into dashboard
  • Great user experience – navigation and discovery simple and intuitive
  • Delivery of your complete brand experience

Audio and Video Production

The quality of audio and video content produced by Aderra Media Technologies is of the highest quality. We use state-of-the-art preamps, microphones, digital converters and recording software for both audio and video production and have full-scale HD video capabilities.

  • High quality audio and video production
  • State-of-the-art recording equipment – through to 72 channel mix
  • Full multi-track recording on-site with full post-event edit mix and master
  • Full-scale HD video capabilities
  • A team of experienced and employed recording engineers
  • Content cut in real time; no post-production editing


Aderra’s internationally patented recording and duplication technology means that we have the ability to produce thousands of copies of a live event in minutes.

  • Internationally patented recording and duplication technology
  • Rapid on-site duplication
  • The modular duplication units occupy a small footprint enabling Aderra to record and duplicate any size event at any location

*determined by file size.

Product Design

Aderra understands product design and customisation and are leading the market through research and product development. We work with you to deliver a product that is tailored to your requirements and budget, from branded USB’s to completely customised designs, which reflect your brand and make a real impact.

See a sample of our product design concepts on our Products page

  • Customised products become collectable merchandise
  • We work with you to tailor a product to your requirements
  • Products range from branded USB’s to completely customised designs