Aderra specialise in portable media devices from device manufacture through to creating and loading content. We understand product design and customisation, and we’re leading the market through research and product development.

Products are tailored to your requirements and budget, from simple memory sticks to unique customised designs that make a real impact and reflect your brand. Whether you’re using live, preloaded or a combination of media formats, Aderra will work with you to deliver the right product for your market sector and target audience.

  • USB's

    USB’s are now seen as mainstream. They are trusted, widely used, and have a mass-market reach. Almost every personal electronic device now incorporates a USB port including laptops, PCs, mobile phones, TVs, games consoles, incar stereos …

    Quality is of paramount importance to us. We source ‘A’ grade memory devices from the leading manufacturers – Samsung and Hynix – ensuring robust design and reliability.

    We can offer memory capacity across the complete spectrum from 128Mb to 16Gb and above, and can load multiple file types including audio, video and data, all seamlessly integrated with designed customised dashboards.

  • Micro SD's

    Demand is growing for micro SD cards. Many mobile phones now have a micro SD card slot for the purpose of uploading and sideloading data and content onto them.

    As mobile phones and consumers become more sophisticated, we can help you reach a wider audience and create new revenue streams with cutting edge applications and services.

    With micro SD cards you can maximise the potential to deliver your brand experience and interact with consumers on the move.

  • MP3s and Audio Players

    Our out-of-the-box audio player is a ready-to-use playback device that can store audio in many different formats. Branded and loaded with your audio content, these are great for using as audio guides around exhibitions or tours, and have a whole range of applications – use them wherever audio content needs to be constantly available.